I help millennials find and build a life that is based on who they really are. I give them the tools and coaching they need to live outside of societal & parental expectations. 


A personal coaching program for overachieving millennials who are sick of hustling for their worth.


You’re in your 20s, 30s or even 40s, and you’ve gone through a lot of self-help books, courses and therapy, but you’re still not where you want to be. You don’t know where to go next. You might be living a life that other people expect of you or your parents expected of you, instead of doing what makes you happy. You want to dig deeper into the reasons why your life doesn’t feel fulfilling or exciting enough—and get help to stop worrying about being good enough all the time.
  • 2 - 50minute Coaching Session 
  • Weekly Support via Voxer
  • Personalized worksheets & resources
  • Action plan & accountability

For the millennial who is ready to make changes in their life, but isn’t sure where to start. This is a 1-month coaching taster - to help you jump start building a relationship with yourself. 


The Elavate Intensive

Here are some ways to work together:

You will walk away from this intensive knowing exactly how to start believing in yourself so that you can start living life your way.
  • Weekly 55 minute zoom sessions 
  • Weekly Support via Voxer
  • Personalized action plan every week
  • Customized personal development resources (workbooks and exercises) 

My 6 month 1:1 coaching container designed for millennials who want to rediscover who they are and build the life that feels true to them. you will be walked through my proven signature SELF framework that I've taken over 50 other millennials through.  If you are ready to start building and living a life that feels good to you and doesn’t just look good to others, then this program is for you. It will help you get in touch with your truest desires, make decisions from a place of empowerment rather than fear, stop avoiding important decisions and feel engaged in life, stop being so hard on yourself and get out of your comfort zone, learn how to love and accept yourself unconditionally, and truly transform any area of your life.




Based on the intake form and our discovery call I will create your custom program and we will schedule our first session to kick things off! 



This is where we get clear on what you feel is misaligned or not going well in your life. Where do you feel stuck? What would you like to feel more of? How does this show up in your life, career, relationships? What are the symptoms you would like to cure? I will have you fill in The Wheel of Life to help us get started. 

Please fill in the application, this will be the best way for me to understand if I can help you or if we are a good match to work together. Once you apply, I will reach out to schedule a free discovery call, where we decide if we want to move forward together.


what happens next?

“The greatest investment I ever made. I can’t believe how different my life is since working with her. I never thought I could make more than $75K/year, boy was I wrong! Through our work together I was able to overcome my fear & doubt and ask for what I am worth. I am now earning more money than I ever have, and pursuing my dream and passion of writing! Now that I don’t have to be perfect, I can actually take action!” 

"Ela Introduces You To Your True Self"

“She postulates questions in a way that allows you to dig deep inside yourself to find out your true self or true being. She gives you tools and support to dig deep to the roots of behaviors, thoughts, and feelings to eventually find out what you’ve been subconsciously seeking (most likely) your whole life.” 

Ela is a guide to who you are capable of being

"I wish I found Ela sooner. ELA IS THE ONLY COACH, and I've spent 10K+ on coaches/programs, that actually got me to do the worksheets AND HAVE BREAKTHROUGHS. Let me tell you, she knew how my mind worked and how to WORK WITH IT, and embrace it, not feel like I had to completely change myself. I don't just have one transformation, I had many while working with her and months later the changes are still there. 

It honestly felt like I had a friend which was the biggest heart-breaker when our time was over."

sarah l.
“Ela really sets the bar high but at the same time makes you feel so comfortable and supportive. I always felt so relieved and relaxed when speaking with her. She has a gift for identifying and acknowledging the noise and useless beliefs standing between you and your true self. She's helped me discover who I am and how to love myself, and that is absolutely priceless.” 

I genuinely love myself for the first time in my life.

"I attribute much of this incredible growth and progress to my work with Ela. In my experience, she is worth every penny she gets for her coaching services. The value of going from thinking negative thoughts and procrastinating all day to loving yourself and accomplishing what you want in life is truly priceless.”  

On a daily basis now, I feel completely different than I used to.