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“Ela is a guide to who you are capable of being. She postulates questions in a way that allows you to dig deep inside yourself to find out your true self or true being. She gives you tools and support to dig deep to the roots of behaviors, thoughts, and feelings to eventually find out what you’ve been subconsciously seeking (most likely) your whole life. She truly is a proactive supporter who helps you build the safe space within yourself.”

Jordan W.
Collin W.

“Ela and I accomplished so much growth and success in my first three months of working with her. The most life-changing gift I have earned from my work with Ela is the realization that I had been trying to relentlessly improve myself under the crazy belief that I could become perfect some day. 

Ela helped me learn for the first time in my life how to truly value myself as I am, right now, with no other improvements or changes.  She helped me finally lay down and let go of the fruitless quest I had been on for decades, to somehow become perfect and therefore finally be deserving of love.

Today I genuinely love myself for the first time in my life.  I talk to myself with kindness and encouragement.  I congratulate myself on my victories and successes.  I affirm my skills, talents and abilities.  When I face a disappointment or setback, I speak to myself with love and encouragement.   

On a daily basis now, I feel completely different than I used to.  I attribute much of this incredible growth and progress to my work with Ela.  In my experience, she is worth every penny she gets for her coaching services. The value of going from thinking negative thoughts and procrastinating all day to loving yourself and accomplishing what you want in life is truly priceless.”

"I wish I found Ela sooner. ELA IS THE ONLY COACH, and I've spent 10K+ on coaches/programs, that actually got me to do the worksheets AND HAVE BREAKTHROUGHS. Let me tell you, she knew how my mind worked and how to WORK WITH IT, and embrace it, not feel like I had to completely change myself. I don't just have one transformation, I had many while working with her and months later the changes are still there. My mind works my understanding WHY I had to do things, and Ela taught me about my different procrastination types so I could understand WHY I was thinking that way which ultimately shows up in my life by the patterns I was stuck in. It honestly felt like I had a friend which was the biggest heart-breaker when our time was over."

Melissa S.

“Ela holds space for me with a kindness that frees me to talk about my body in a way I did not know as possible for me. She gently cuts through old programming that keeps me from seeing my body clearly and from delighting in my food. 

She gave me small practices that I incorporated to receive massive impact throughout my day. I’ve watched myself feel entirely differently when I look in the mirror. I entirely recommend her to anyone ready to shift into more peace and joy with their being. When I've been looking in the mirror, I've totally been seeing my body differently. If I could have any body in the world I'd pick mine again!”

Olivia F.

“Throughout my journey, Ela helped me find forgiveness and love for myself. She helped me understand that the highest act of love I could commit was fully, emphatically opening up my heart, and showing my true colors to those who mattered to me. When I did this with her- as scary as it was- she was there for me, in full love and solidarity. She listened, and understood. She helped me find laughter in my hard times. 

She encouraged me to be that spontaneous, funny chick I knew I could be, and helped me to ease up and find my rhythm in social situations. She helped me look at my wounds and be okay with them, and showed me I don’t need to hide anything. She’s helped me strengthen my self love through her endless support for me.”

Gulnaz K.

“The way Ela was able to make me face and then work on all my limiting beliefs was impressive: I wasn't aware of how many of them were hidden there in my mind. She gently and strongly put myself in front of all those beliefs and that was definitely unhinging! Her capacity to go deep by staying light made all the difference. 

I am really grateful for the chance I had to work that way on myself and on my personal business with this special woman in such a meaningful way. Her energy and empowering words still resonate in my mind and I can really see incredible improvements in those areas of life where I have always struggled the most: relationships and self esteem.”

Lena R.
Kara H.

“Ela is one of the most encouraging, energizing, and uplifting people I have had the privilege to work with. She cares deeply for her clients and has your best interest at heart. In our sessions, she helped me clarify and organize my priorities in order to make practical changes which greatly enhanced my quality of living. Instead of losing energy with unhelpful mindsets, I learned to focus on what matters most deeply to me. 

These changes, often small, have made a world of difference in how I handle and react to the challenges life presents.”

Let’s write your success story together.

lauren h.
Write your testimonials right here. Let your imagination be your guide. The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it. Take it easy. As long as you believe. The very fact that you're aware of suffering is enough reason to be overjoyed that you're alive and can experience it. Even the worst thing we can do here is good.

“the return on investment for her online course is unreal”